Find Your Bold!

Summer BBQs, trips to the beach and non-existent work Fridays make this season one to look forward to. But let's not forget the actual reason summer's great: a new opportunity for style. We like our style like we like our salsa, in different degrees of boldness. Choose how spicy you want to take your style this summer, and see how this season's trends can work for you.

Black and white is a classic color combination, but this summer it's here in a graphic way. Bold checkered patterns and white pants with black tops take this trend to a new level, helping all of us up the ante with the pieces in our closet. Try a sheer black top with white shorts for a nighttime look that stops traffic, just add a blazer to make it work-appropriate in a fashion-accepting office.

If you dove into the leather trend for fall, winter and spring of this past year, why stop now? Just because summer leather usually only consists of when we stick to our leather car seats, doesn't mean we should kiss this trend goodbye when it gets above 70°. Steer the middle ground with leather trim on a top, dress or skirt for a touch of summertime luxury. Or for those who dare to go a little bolder, grab a pair of leather shorts for a night out.

Extra Bold
If you're one of those fashion trailblazers, then you have the green light to try the crop top trend. A baby from the '90s, this trend died out a little when we all stopped wanting to see each other's belly button piercings, but now it is back in a reformed way. Keep you crop only a few inches above the waistline of what you're wearing on bottom. Go casual with a knit crop top and a maxi skirt, or make it a little dressier with a boxy crop top and an A-line skirt.


You Got It? We Want It!

Summertime totes by Longchamp, Coach, Herve Chapelier and JPK Paris are always fast-sellers for style-savvy girls who are ready for a long weekend. If you have more totes than there are weekends in the summer, unload a few of them at your local STA and earn extra cash for your next getaway.

Shoes and accessories by Tory Burch are some of our most requested items. Whether you're clearing out a spare pair of Reva flats that you never seemed to wear or you have a bunch of jewelry sitting on your dresser, turn them quickly into cash for your closet!

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