March 31, 2006

Risk and Reward

Some payoffs just aren’t worth the effort. second time around!

Half a scoop of fat-free frozen yogurt at the end of a hard week of dieting. A barely audible grumble of thanks from your boss after you pulled an all-nighter to finish his presentation. The vague possibility of unearthing a couture treasure from the crammed racks of a dimly lit, not-so-fresh-smelling secondhand shop.

Unless, that is, you’re shopping at one of the two new locations of Second Time Around, the high-end consignment shop that accepts only designer merch in great shape.

In addition to Chanel and Prada, you’ll find brand new gear from local boutiques and department stores, not to mention shelves of never-worn denim — in every size — the likes of Citizens and Paper Denim & Cloth.

The shops — on Beacon Hill and in Back Bay, making two on Newbury Street — are light, airy, and decidedly more pleasant than many firsthand shops around town.

Meaning shopping here probably won’t require enough grunt work to earn you that triple-scoop ice cream sundae. (Sorry.)

Second Time Around, 99 Charles Street, Beacon Hill (617-227-0049); 219 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-266-1113 or secondtimearound.net ).

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