Store Manager and Sales Associates

Location: Ft Lauderdale and Miami FL

General Purpose

To create a fun and energetic shopping environment by delivering excellent customer service, encouraging professionalism and excellence and instilling a selling culture.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities



·         Meet and exceed sales goals with an understanding of profitability and the store's bottom line gains and losses.

·         Encourage a unique and personalized shopping experience for customers and clients by providing fitting room follow-up, add-on selling and creating client books.

·         Motivate and rally associates to increase sales and profitability.

·         Review and report on store's ADS, AUR and UPT.



·         Acquire merchandise that reflects our brand and speaks to the unique audience of the store.

·         Conduct research to ensure pricing is consistent with modern market prices and fair to both the consignor and customer.

·         Be abreast of all current trends and what your customer's wants are.

·         Assist clients with their accounts and specific account inquiries.

·         Resolve consignor problems or complaints by determining optimal solutions.



·         Oversee all administrative duties including meeting deadlines and submitting necessary paperwork in a timely manner.

·         Monitor and control store expenses, revenue and all other accounting duties.

·         Maintain visual standards of the store in terms of cleanliness, merchandising, signage and store layout.

·         Secure merchandise by implementing security systems and measures.

·         Execute and monitor loss prevention and shrink programs.

·         Manage marketing programs including events, promotions and social media outlets.






·         Recruit, hire, train, evaluate and counsel store employees. Schedule, organize and direct assignments.

·         Encourage store employees to take ownership for their performance and career development plans.

·         Effectively manage employee turnover. Provide a positive working environment and handle employee issues appropriately and in a timely manner.

·         Develop and implement employee performance evaluations and improvement plans.



·         Minimum 2 to 3 years of retail management experience.

·         Strong leadership skills.

·         Ability to effectively teach/develop others to next level.

·         Good merchandising skills and a flair for conceiving and implementing creative merchandising themes.

·         Strong operations experience in receiving, merchandise and inventory as well as front-end management and office management.

·         Ability to organize and prioritize multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.

·         Strong interpersonal, motivational, communication and organizational skills.

·         The ability to provide outstanding level of customer service.

·         An upbeat demeanor, with a sales-oriented personality.

·         Stability in employment history



·         Good communication skills

·         Customer service orientation

·         Patience

·         Adaptability

·         Initiative

·         Persuasiveness

·         High energy level




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