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7/29/13 -

I swear by second-hand shopping-whether a sunny flea market run, a rewarding dig through thrift heaven, or thumbing through racks of Givenchy at a designer consignment shop. Believe it or not, it is possible to be a smart, conscientious shopper even when it comes to seemingly lofty designer labels. All it takes is a bit of patience, a sharp eye, and a dose of good luck.

And the good luck is covered for all of my NYC readers this time. One of my favorite consignment stores, Second Time Around, is collaborating with hot new startup Plurro to give you crazy deals on designer merchandise this Thursday, August 1. Here's how it works:

Plurro is essentially defined as a 'cash mob' (think flash mob, but for shopping, eating, playing). Get as many like-minded shoppers in the same place and enjoy growing discounts. The more people who show up, the higher the discount for everyone! The best part is, you can start a cash mob with your friends and family anywhere, anytime. So find your favorite local business and start mobbing!

The Second Time Around cash mob discount is currently guaranteed at 20%, but if 25 people join the mob, it will go up to 25%, and if 50 do, it'll rise again to 30%. Want in? Simply download the Plurro app, click 'join', and come shop with me on Thursday August 1 between 4-8PM at the Upper West Side location!

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