Third Time's a Charm

4/20/2010 - Boston Metro

 Second Time Around opens up another location on Newbury Street Manager says the boutique's character is different than the other two locations in the area


The recently opened clothing shop Second Time Around can be a savvy shopper's headquarters for original items, even if the store itself isn't exactly unique.  Part of a national chain of consignment stores specializing in contemporary designer pieces, the newest location joins two sisterstores as a Newbury Street staple. This one sits in a basement spot at No. 324, right below Steve Madden, on what store manager Jessica Doliber describes as the "younger, trendier end of Newbury Street" "This side of Newbury Street, I think really needed a consignment shop,"  Doliber says. "It's a lot of college kids for this particular store, that's what I've seen for clientele. It's a younger crowd."  Though all of the locations follow the same policies, accepting only in-season clothing and accessories in good condition, and no more than five years old, different consigners sell their goods at each store, resulting in distinctive personalities.  Doliber says her store caters to youth, currently featuring an abundance of designers like Marc Jacobs, Free People and H&M, typically at around a quarter of their original prices.  "I kind of started taking some of the crazy stuff because that's what the younger kids are wearing," she says. "There's a lot of like, early '90s floral, and we have a lot of hippie, flowy dresses." It's too early to tell whether the shop will maintain its current trendy stock, or if it will eventually become more high-end like the others, but right now, Doliber says, the store features "one of everything." "Everything's one of a kind, and it's just fun," she says. "Everything's really unique and you can find something that no one else will have."

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