Top Five Secondhand Boutiques in Miami

5/31/2014 - Miami New Times

"Secondhand." The term might conjure up memories of hand-me-downs, like being forced into your elder sister's Capri-Sun-stained Hello Kitty backpack for all of third grade. (No, we haven't forgotten, mom.) Sadly, the phrase oftentimes translates to "old," "used," or even "thrifty."

But haven't you heard? "Used" is the new "new." Just because you bought something that's been previously owned does not mean that it's worn down or outdated. It may very well still be brand spankin' new, from this season with tags and all hanging from its untouched, Pima cotton neckline. Or, maybe it has seen multiple decades of John Lennon ripping the knickers off of Beatle groupies, aging like a fine wine. The scale of secondhand apparel is vast, and fiscally responsible -- oh, and not to mention, original.

Still not buying our argument for stylishly recycling? These Miami secondhand boutiques will testify on our behalf, turning you from mainstream doubter to a one-off believer. And don't worry. Both you and your wallet can thank us later.

Second Time Around
Going against the "secondhand equals ancient relics" theory, South Miami's upscale and high-end consignment boutique, Second Time Around, offers not only current brands and designer names, but barely touched items, as well. In fact, 70% of pieces that furnish the light and minimalistic square footage still have their original price tags attached. Though technically placed in the upscale-high-end arena on the retail map, the boutique still dons a wide range of snazzy prices (as low as $35 and up to several thousand) on names like BCBG, Diane Von Furstenberg, and even Mr. Out-of-the-box himself, Rick Owens. Toldja it was diverse.

Aside from its rainbow of brands and price points, the boutique maintains its "return business through the roof" by providing sterling customer service, and aims to enlighten its clientele about the "green" approach of shopping consignment.

"Consignment can be very confusing for people," Meghan Hanika, South Florida and Chicago Area Manager of the 40-year old chain tells us, "so we really do take the time to walk people through how it works and make sure both our customers and our consigners are comfortable and happy."

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