No one likes when the summer ends. But what can soften the blow? The STA End-of-the-Summer Sale, of course! While promotions are always a good idea, these blowouts can sometimes turn out the best deals on the latest trends and best wardrobe staples. Right now all summer items are 50% off, so pick your shopping persona and hurry in for the best deals!

The Treasure Hunter
This is the girl that lives for the hunt. If you’re her, you’ve scoped out the stores throughout the summer, keeping her eye on certain pieces. The sale is the perfect opportunity for you to finally pounce on those key designer items that you’ve wanted all season, at an even bigger discount!

The Negotiator
If you’re always trying to see how low you can go and how much you can save, whether you’re shopping for groceries or a statement wardrobe piece, consider yourself a Negotiator. Pricing can be a game, and you are the master of it. Never to be outdone, this sale is the key to your victory, providing you with ample opportunity to snag the lowest prices on everything you want!

The Trendsetter
Are you a fashion-forward, style-conscious girl (or guy)? Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but having an eye for the latest trends and a passion for style experimentation can get pretty expensive. This sale is the perfect way to get try out the trends without breaking the bank, whether you’re dipping a toe into the style adventure pond or you dove in years ago. From sheer tops to wild prints, whether it’s one piece or a full closet’s worth, this sale is your golden ticket.

The Minimalist
Maybe it’s about living on a budget or you just hate the idea of excess and clutter. Either way, being a Minimalist means that you carefully select key items like a girl (or guy) on a mission, purchasing only if you really need it and it is an investment piece. This sale is the perfect opportunity to save on items you need, and maybe if you’re feeling bold, on something you only want.

Whether you’re a first-time STA shopper or a seasoned veteran, this sale is style gold. It’s the perfect opportunity to score big without spending big. Have an STA sale success story? Let us know! Post on our Facebook wall (, tweet us (@STAconsignment), comment below or email us ([email protected]).

~Ashley, FashioniSTA