Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? That seems to be a common problem among the style-savvy, even those with stuffed closets big enough to rent out as a spare room. The best way to start with this is to make sure your wardrobe is organized (see our first style resolution blog post for tips). Once you’ve completed that, key pieces that could put together an outfit won’t be lost in the back of your closet. Put items that you’d like to wear but never do in the front of your closet to help you keep them in mind for all future outfits.

Also, look at the pieces that never seem to make it into your wardrobe rotation and figure out why. It could be that there’s a missing puzzle piece, like the right tank or accessory, to pair with the garment to make it wearable for you. This year, resolve to fill some of those style holes by picking up pieces that will complement and complete items that you already own, saving you money and helping you to get the most of what you have! You could also not be wearing these items because you don’t know how to style them. To help with this, next time you’re perusing through a magazine or you’re surfing Pinterest, be on the lookout for how people style similar pieces. It could inspire you to pair your own items with a color or accessory you never thought of before. If the pieces that you’re not wearing just intimidate you, this is the year to break them out! Become fashion fearless in 2012, you can always pack a backup outfit just in case.

Since Kate Middleton fluttered into our lives, repeating outfits has not only become acceptable, but it’s encouraged. To increase your chances of wearing the same pieces over and over, make sure you’re taking care of them in the best way possible. Start with a quality laundry detergent, even if you only plan on using it for delicate items (you can still wash your sports bras and t-shirts with the bargain brand). Try Woolite or any green detergent, like Mountain Green, none of which will harm items that are categorized as “delicate.” Wash color-saturated items inside out (such as denim) to prevent fading, and always hang these items to dry. To keep bras in their best shape, wash them in a lingerie bag rather than just throwing them in the washing machine. These bags cost about as much as a candy bar, and you probably already have one in your house. And remember, the dryer should only be used only for items that you wear to work out.

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~Ashley, FashioniSTA