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In-Home Consignment: Style for Hire and STA

Are you addicted to high-end designer style with an overflowing wardrobe? If you’re overwhelmed by all of the unworn items in your closet, you’re not alone in the fight to organize your designer pieces.

We’re here to help – along with our style gurus from Style For Hire. (Yes, that Style For Hire from the style go-to Stacy London and Cindy McLaughlin.) Think of it as a fashioniSTA’s very own What Not To Wear. Style For Hire’s network of trained stylists are a godsend to aid every disorganized closet.

How to get in on it? Our collaboration with Style For Hire provides a complimentary stylist visit to process your premier high-end designer pieces for consignment. They’ll assess and clear out the items you no longer wear- leading to a cleaner closet (and extra money). You’ll need at least 50 premium high-end designer pieces to make an appointment, think Pucci, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. Once you get to 50 pieces, we’d be happy to process your mid-range designers as well, from J. Crew to Diane von Furstenberg. So clear out that Gucci from last year, the untouched Louis Vuitton pouchette, and that barely-worn Celine dress, all from the comfort of your own home.

Want to make an in-home appointment? Email us at [email protected] or call 617-247-0123 ext. 310 for an initial consultation.

STA Freshens Up This Spring!

Bring on the bold this spring! We are now accepting Spring Consignment at all locations!

We’re filling our racks with bright dresses, bold tops and a multi-chromatic assortment of denim to get you into the spirit of spring.

It’s all about keeping it fresh this season, and the best way to do that is to take it to your closet. Whether you’re making room for new trends or just cleaning out the pieces that don’t work for you anymore, we’re happy to accept your spring consignment pieces.

We’re making some fresh changes of our own: beginning in April, we will be paying our consignors every 60 days, getting you your consignment earnings sooner! We are also introducing a new consignment policy on premier designer handbags, offering all of our consignors a 50/50 split on all consigned luxury handbags from our high-end designer list. Learn more.

So be bold and start fresh this spring, we’ll be here to help you put more money in your pocket and get your closet ready for the warmer weather!

New Year’s Style Resolutions: Make the Most of Your Closet

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? That seems to be a common problem among the style-savvy, even those with stuffed closets big enough to rent out as a spare room. The best way to start with this is to make sure your wardrobe is organized (see our first style resolution blog post for tips). Once you’ve completed that, key pieces that could put together an outfit won’t be lost in the back of your closet. Put items that you’d like to wear but never do in the front of your closet to help you keep them in mind for all future outfits.

Also, look at the pieces that never seem to make it into your wardrobe rotation and figure out why. It could be that there’s a missing puzzle piece, like the right tank or accessory, to pair with the garment to make it wearable for you. This year, resolve to fill some of those style holes by picking up pieces that will complement and complete items that you already own, saving you money and helping you to get the most of what you have! You could also not be wearing these items because you don’t know how to style them. To help with this, next time you’re perusing through a magazine or you’re surfing Pinterest, be on the lookout for how people style similar pieces. It could inspire you to pair your own items with a color or accessory you never thought of before. If the pieces that you’re not wearing just intimidate you, this is the year to break them out! Become fashion fearless in 2012, you can always pack a backup outfit just in case.

Since Kate Middleton fluttered into our lives, repeating outfits has not only become acceptable, but it’s encouraged. To increase your chances of wearing the same pieces over and over, make sure you’re taking care of them in the best way possible. Start with a quality laundry detergent, even if you only plan on using it for delicate items (you can still wash your sports bras and t-shirts with the bargain brand). Try Woolite or any green detergent, like Mountain Green, none of which will harm items that are categorized as “delicate.” Wash color-saturated items inside out (such as denim) to prevent fading, and always hang these items to dry. To keep bras in their best shape, wash them in a lingerie bag rather than just throwing them in the washing machine. These bags cost about as much as a candy bar, and you probably already have one in your house. And remember, the dryer should only be used only for items that you wear to work out.

How do you make the most of your closet? Tell us on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@STAconsignment)!

~Ashley, FashioniSTA

Style Resolutions for the New Year

Take control of the new year by taking control of your style. Start off your new year with your own style resolution, and prepare to make this year the beginning of making you even more fabulous than ever. We’ve got plans for four style resolutions to help you along the way, and we’ll be bringing you one each day in the easiest way possible. And besides, if 2012 is the last year, why not go out incredibly stylish?

Organize and Stylize Your Closet
Take on the new year with a new closet. You don’t need a new wardrobe to have this, all you need are a few supplies and upgrades to your current closet. If you’re ready for a closet clean-out, click here to get inspiration and tips! If you’re not ready for an overhaul just yet, a few tweaks can really open up your closet and make your mornings about a million times easier.

First of all, make sure you own enough hangers, and use ones that won’t break. When you switch from plastic, brittle hangers to either wooden or velvet, your whole closet will just feel better. This is a great little detail that will keep your clothes in better condition (hello, no hanger snags in the fabric) and will motivate you towards your dream closet. After picking up the piles of clothing off your closet floor, put them in order on the racks by organizing them by category. Keeping all of your blouses together, dresses together, skirts/pants together (etc.) will ensure that you won’t find a rogue Nanette Lepore halter hidden behind your winter coat once summer’s over. If it’s helpful for you to organize your clothing by color, go for it, but if you think that you’ll glaze over a section of black tops assuming they’re all the same, mixing it up might be better for you.

Don’t skimp on organizing your shoes and accessories either. Got scarves sitting in an overflowing basket? Are your belts looped around a hanger and falling off? Are your shoes mismatched and living on your floor? Grab some stackable boxes, a sharpie and some blank labels and get to organizing. Throw your scarves in one box, your belts in another, even your costume jewelry in another. Label the sides so you don’t go fishing through them in a morning rage, and you’re on your way to closet perfection! (How easy is that?) Take those shoes decorating your floor and line them up on a shelf. You’ll have all of your shoe options in front of you, giving you the best chance to create an outfit people will be talking about for weeks. If you’re short on space, picking up a one-tier shelf that goes on the floor will at least maximize the space you do have. Organize by color, occasion or heel height, whatever will help your style process the most. Grab your boots that are slouched over and put a rolled magazine in each boot to keep it standing tall.

The final details will add icing on top of your style cake, giving your closet the TLC that it needs. Line your shelves with scented shelf paper, or add sachets to your drawers and shelves to give your closet an oasis vibe (anything to make getting dressed less stressful). You can also throw some cedar chips into your closet, they’re inexpensive and they’ll keep your clothes away from pesky moths. Go the extra style step and hang an inspiration board on your closet door or wall (find out how to make one here) for an instant style pick-me-up.

Have a closet organizing tip that you’d like to share? Tweet us (@STAconsignment) or post on our Facebook page ( and let us know!

~Ashley, FashioniSTA

STA Your Closet Week 3: Fill Your Closet, Fulfill Your Wardrobe Dreams

Now that you have purged the bulk of your wardrobe that you don’t wear, it’s time to admire what you have left! Putting your closet in a quick order is key to not only knowing what you have, but also to achieving smooth mornings. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your closet, and show you how you can also continue editing, without even knowing that you’re doing it!

Rack Your Runway
In the process of purging your closet, you probably separated your garments into categories, so take this tip and apply it to your wardrobe organization. When your items are grouped together, I can guarantee you will make the most out of your closet. Not only will you be able to find the perfect accent to your ensemble quickly, but you’ll ensure that you don’t forget about a certain piece that ends up hiding out in back. You can also take this one step further and color-code your clothing. This works great if you’re the type of person that sees color combinations easily when creating an outfit. However, if you happen to be the type of person that will not be able to distinguish individual garments from a sea of black, feel free to keep your closet color-eclectic.

For the truly fashion-dedicated, you can track what you rack by employing a digital camera and/or an app. Cataloging your individual pieces takes time, but for those who are visual learners, it will really help you to keep track of what you have, what you’re missing and help you to create fantastic outfits. Snap a quick pic of each piece, and either upload it onto your computer for easy access and organize it yourself, or go with a style app that helps you to digitally organize your closet. We love Closet – Clothing Organized (which has a free lite version) and TouchCloset, but there are others out there to choose from!

Assess the Situation
Love everything in your closet? Great! Now it’s time to look for the gaps. Unless your closet is the same one they used for the entire Sex and the City series, there are probably some key items missing. Using your style persona determined in the last blog post (find it here), just follow the quick style guide below, and feel free to improvise!

Everyone: These are the staples that we recommend for everyone on planet earth

- Rain boots and a rain jacket

- Three pairs of jeans: a dark premium pair, a loose pair, a skinny pair, and a colored pair (black, white, or a bright if you’re feeling bold).

- An assortment of basics – tanks, tights, leggings, t-shirts.

- A spring jacket that goes with everything.

- A loose jersey dress for the weekends.

- Three handbags: small (clutch), medium (for day-to-night) and large (satchel or hobo).

- Three pairs of staple shoes – this can be a classic pair of pumps, a pair of boots and a pair of flats.

- Two cardigans to throw on to spruce up an outfit or just to keep you warm.

Campus Chic: You’ll be going on interviews for internships and jobs, as well as making it through the rest of your classes. You need a healthy mix of school-ready ensembles (think casual weekend wear) and future office-appropriate outfits. As you near your graduation date, your closet balance should shift from more casual clothes at the beginning of your academic education to more work-ready apparel. But you should always remember to keep a strong army of basic pieces, they’ll carry you through the transition into the work force:

- A sundress for upcoming graduations (including your own!).

- An interview outfit – this can be anything from a full suit to a tailored, asymmetrical dress.

- A few pairs of jeans, at least one premium dark, work-appropriate pair.

- An assortment of flats to wear to class, which will carry you over to your full-time job.

- A large tote for your books and weekend trips - you can later use this in your job as well.

- A jersey tunic to wear with leggings, perfect for a fashion-forward but super easy look for class.

Trendy Worker: Your office environment gives you the opportunity to create a fantastic and functional wardrobe. Start with the fundamentals, then take it to the next level with color, texture and new trends:

- Slim cut pencil skirt – it doesn’t have to be black, white or even red can be a neutral staple.

- At least a couple blouses that you can wear with skinny pants or a pencil skirt. These can also be recycled with jeans for the weekend or a casual Friday.

- Denim: a dark premium pair, a loose pair, a skinny pair, and a colored pair (black, white, or a bright if you’re feeling bold).

- Black jeggings, you will live in them, they’re perfect when your outfit calls for an option in between a bulky pair of jeans and a minimalist pair of leggings.

Conservative Chic: Getting a day off from your weekday uniform is like winning the lottery, take advantage of it! Stock your closet with the necessary staples for your day job, but make sure you have plenty of interesting weekend wear and nighttime ensembles to keep your wardrobe as fabulous as you are! Here are our suggestions, tailor-made for you:

- Your own uniform staples (you probably already have more of these than you’d like!).

- Weekend jeans: a dark premium pair, a loose pair, a skinny pair, and a colored pair (black, white, or a bright if you’re feeling bold).

- At least three go-to outfits for a night out: a dress that you can dress up with heels or down with flat boots and a jacket, a great pair of skinny jeans and a blazer, and a cocktail dress.

- Casual Friday gear (if applicable). This can be anything from a day dress to jeans and a t-shirt.

Casual Gal: For strutting your stuff everyday, you’ll need some great comfortable day wear, as well as some stunning night-out ensembles. Start with a strong foundation, then spruce up your wardrobe with some one-of-a-kind, easy statement pieces:

- At least six pairs of jeans, the more variety the better!

- An assortment of flats, including boots.

- A loose, white button-down shirt to throw on with jeans and riding boots.

- Easy jersey dresses when you feel like oozing femininity without the pain.

- A denim jacket to pair with a sundress or white jeans.

- Jersey tunics to wear with leggings.

Stay tuned for next week when we provide you with a list of the to-die-for unique pieces that every fashioniSTA should have in her wardrobe, tailored especially for Spring!

STA Your Closet: Week 2

Hello fellow fashioniSTAs! After composing ourselves post-Oscars and post-STA sale, we are back for week two, bringing you the ins and outs of easily creating your dream wardrobe. The theme of this week is editing, and by the end of this week you will have pared down your closet to the clothes that you really love and will actually wear. Once you get the process going, you should be able to move through your closet pretty quickly, and believe it or not, but this process can become addicting! You’ll also be able to refine your own sense of style, and you may even uncover some gems that have been hiding out on you. This process will leave you with extra space that we will next week show you how to wisely fill to fulfill your wardrobe dreams!

Here is a CliffsNotes version of the process:

1. Find your inspiration. This is key to creating your ideal wardrobe. What look are you going for? Think of someone that you find eternally stylish, or a movie or television show that really makes you pay attention to the fashion. Or you could even think of a lifestyle that you want to adopt (for example, a breezy mom-on-the-go that makes it look effortless). Keep this in mind as you assess what you have in your closet, this will help you distinguish between what you love and what you’re over. Also, focus on what you ultimately want your closet to look like, almost like style meditation, this will help you visualize what pieces will help you get there.

2. Get into the minimalist mindset. You probably don’t wear everything in your wardrobe, so you need to be honest about each piece to sniff out the items that don’t work for you anymore. You can seamlessly move through your closet if you break it up by category: skirts, dresses, pants, tops, etc. This will help you to compare similar items to each other to accurately assess each item. If helpful, adopt a style mantra or question to use throughout this process. The one that works for me is “Do I LOVE it and will I wear it?” Other great ones that some people use are, “If I saw this in the store, would I buy it?” and “Is this quality, and will I wear it forever?” These questions will help you to subconsciously tap into the things that you love versus the things that you don’t need anymore.

3. Pick up each item and analyze. This will be easy for the pieces that you know you’re over. You can quickly toss them into a bag and move on. But this is an important step to try on each item in your closet. Repeat your style question with each piece, making sure that it gets you excited or inspired, and most importantly, that you will wear it. I know it’s hard, but if you can’t think of a specific outfit or instance where you’ll wear a certain piece, you won’t use it. Be critical! You don’t need an excess amount of items, so another good question is “Do I have something similar, and which one do I like more?”

Exception: basic pieces. While I do not condone an entire wardrobe based around leggings, it is important to have basic pieces that complement the exceptional ones.

4. Once you’ve completed this first round, take a break and go back for more. This time, assess what kinds of clothing you actually wear on a daily basis. You can break it up into a few simple categories, for example, work, weekend, special occasion, athletic/lounge and nighttime. Be honest about how many fancy events you have, or how often you’re allowed to dress out of uniform. Follow our little quiz below to determine some guidelines for your closet, and then use this to help you really determine how much casualwear you need or how many big-night-out ensembles you can manage.

You are a Stylish Student if…
…you are a full-time student
…you do not have a part-time or full-time job that requires work-appropriate apparel (on-campus job excluded)

You are Conservative Chic if…
…you work in an office with a strict dress code policy, like a government organization or a conservative law firm
…suits and suit separates dominate your wardrobe, with a dash of casual and trendy for the weekend
…you work in an environment that requires a uniform, such as a hospital or a police station

You are a Casual Gal if…
…you work from home or in an environment that is super casual, such as a daycare, or if your office adopts a “jeans everyday” mentality
…you are a stay-at-home mom

You are a Trendy Worker if…

…your office is trendier than most, which covers anything in the fashion industry or if your company is run by a younger female demographic
…the people in your office or line of work know what liquid leggings are
…you work in a boutique or department store where you’re selling a chic image

Stylish Student – Your Necessities: class, weekend, future staples
In this stage of your life, your wardrobe will drastically change. If you’re in a four-year college, from freshman to senior year you probably won’t recognize your sense of style when you look back on the previous year. That being said, don’t be afraid of this transformation. Let me tell you from personal experience: if you get to the point where you’re not that excited about something that you own, it’s time to consign. You’re not just “going through a phase” where you don’t like it, you’ve outgrown it. It’s ok, this is a great step in the style process.

Getting your wardrobe ready for a future career is definitely important if you are still in college, or if you are in any type of school to prep for a career change. While your wardrobe should be comprised of mostly casual clothing in college, such as jeans, jersey tops, etc, it’s also important to keep in mind that you will probably need more professional clothes at some point than what you wear to class. So approach your wardrobe with a critical eye, keeping basic and casual items to wear to class, but really edit it down because outside of school, you will probably only wear these clothes on the weekend.

Conservative Chic Your Necessities: uniform, weekend casual, night out options

Depending on whether you work as a nurse or a lawyer, obviously there is a drastic distinction between what is work-appropriate apparel in that range of jobs. However, if your office is super conservative, it is basically the same as if you had to wear scrubs or a team uniform everyday to work. Even if you work in a salon where you have to wear all black, it is still along the same lines. Each of them requires what we like to call a “style uniform.” This means that you are under strict guidelines as to what you can wear in the workplace, so don’t hold on to things that you know you won’t use. For example, unless you like to go out on the weekends in pencil skirts and high-heeled Mary Janes, don’t hold on to them if you work as a full-time dentist. Be candid about your weekend plans, if you’re often at functions, you don’t need 50 pairs of jeans, or if you often stay in, you won’t wear 15 cocktail dresses.

Don’t forget though about the extras! Obviously, unless you work for the military, you are allowed to jazz up your usual uniform with a little something extra, whether it’s a headband or a necklace or a pop of color somewhere else. However, if you might find yourself accumulating more of these than you really need, just because you’re desperate to mix things up. Go through and see if you are excited about each piece. Since the point of these items is to make your uniform more unique, if they don’t inspire excitement, they really defeat the purpose.

Casual Gal - Your Necessities: Everyday/weekend casual, night out options, a few daytime formal items
You are the envy of pretty much everyone. You get to wear what you want, when you want, without pretty much any restrictions from your outside life. That being said, if you are on your feet a lot, you need to recognize that you will not wear something that is uncomfortable or does not move with you. Critically look at the pieces that you own, keeping only a small percentage of clothes that you will be excited to wear out on the weekends or for a weeknight out with the girls/date night. Be honest about how often you go out, and how many outfits you’ll wear. There are not enough events or nights out to constitute an entire wardrobe of club-wear.

Also look at your casual clothes, it’s important to let go of items that make you look and feel less than your best. While there is nothing wrong with jeans and a t-shirt, make sure that you don’t only own ripped denim and oversized band shirts. Really look at each piece to make sure that it bridges the gap between stylish and casual, and feel free to let go of things that are on the extreme ends of the spectrum – super worn and dumpy clothes, and too trendy, impractical items. That being said, if your style image is one where you’re mostly casual but you mix it up about once a week for a nice lunch or client meeting, maintain another small percentage of daytime formal pieces.

Trendy Worker - Your Necessities: Work-appropriate items, a few more formal pieces, select casual-wear
You probably have the most versatile office environment since really, you can make pretty much anything work. That being said, you will also begin to naturally notice when certain items don’t fit into the everyday look that you’re going for. Your style will obviously naturally evolve, so it’s important to study each piece, and not only think about if you like it, but also think about it in terms of an overall outfit. For you, keeping up appearances in your office is probably a good thing, so throwing on ripped jeans and a top doesn’t really cut it. It is especially important to stick with your style inspiration, so make sure that each and every piece in your wardrobe is wearable either to work or in your downtime. If it doesn’t fit with your style image, let it go! The good news: a lot of your work pieces will also work for a night out with just a couple tweaks. This means that your wardrobe should be comprised of mostly these items, with a small percentage for casual weekend items, or more formal options if you venture outside of the house often for events when you’re not in the office.

Every Rule Has Exceptions
There are of course always exceptions to the general rules. Usually if you haven’t worn something within two years, you can consign it. However, if you are in a transitional stage – such as changing careers, a recent drastic weight change, or you’re fresh out of college/grad school – you may not have gotten the chance to wear the clothing that you have for this new stage.
If your item is also deeply personal and sentimental, hanging on to it might be a good idea. There’s nothing worse than consigning a necklace from your grandmother and wishing that you had it later. That’s not to say that you should hang on to every little thing that someone close to you ever touched.

Final Tips
A lot of people only look to their actual closets when they do a sweep. Think outside of the clothing box, go through your sunglasses, small leather goods, jewelry, hats, scarves, etc. These items probably aren’t located in a centralized place, so rummage through to really deep clean your wardrobe. Check out all of your style stashing places, such as drawers, boxes, shelves, and even inside handbags you haven’t used in a while. There are consignment treasures in there that are waiting to earn you money!
After your initial couple of sweeps, keep a bag or box out in the open that you can designate the “Consignment Area.” As you find yourself getting dressed each day, you will undoubtedly find things that you realize you aren’t crazy about or that don’t fit you. Place them in the bag and keep them for your next appointment. Before you know it, editing your wardrobe will become second nature!

Have any great tips? Let us know about them! Comment here or find us on Facebook (Second Time Around – Resale Goes Upscale) or on Twitter (@STA_FashioniSTA and @STAconsignment)!

Stay tuned for next week when you show you how to fill in the gaps to building your perfect wardrobe!

STA Your Closet

If you’re sick of winter, well you’re not alone. Since we’re all pretty much itching for spring one way or another, we at STA would like to get you one step closer. We’d like to help you welcome a new season with a clean, fresh closet. For the next four weeks, the FashioniSTAs will walk you through an expert closet clean-out to ensure that you end up with your own dream closet. Just think about looking in your closet every morning and knowing exactly what killer outfit to wear. Got goosebumps?
We’ll walk you through an easy plan that will break down the steps for you and help you achieve the perfect wardrobe construction in the simplest way possible. Each week we will give you a step to complete, and by the end of the four weeks, your closet will be perfection and you won’t even recall putting in very much effort. Not all of us can hire California Closets to do a total makeover, this is about working with what you have to create your perfect wardrobe. We’ll also sprinkle in some FashioniSTA fun to keep it enjoyable – that’s what fashion is all about! So sit back as we take you through your closet, one fabulous step at a time.
Why do a closet clean sweep? Good question. This is a skill that we believe every fashioniSTA should be armed with when taking the style world by storm. By the end of the program, we can help you:
- Find forgotten treasures in your closet, these could be the keys to your best outfits!
- De-clutter and simplify to make your mornings much easier (who doesn’t like the idea of getting more sleep and looking fabulous?)
- Create your own picture-perfect wardrobe where you love each and every piece you own.

Week 1
Step 1. Answer honestly: How long has it been since your last closet clean-out?
Eyeball your closet and determined just how full it actually is. If you clean it out on a regular basis, you probably have less than 30 items that you’d be looking to consign. However, if you never clean out your closet or you have transformed recently – like losing a bunch of weight – you might be able to predict a larger consignment. Having this information will help you in the next step!

Step 2. Second Time Around starts accepting spring consignment items February 7th (today!), so this is the perfect week to make a spring appointment. If you’re looking to follow us along this program, aim to make your appointment sometime after the next three weeks. Should your closet require a little additional TLC, you can always give yourself more time. If you happen to be a lean, mean cleaning machine and you can pretty much clean out your closet in your sleep, you can always move up your consignment date.

What to expect next time:
We’ll walk you through your closet in a couple easy steps, and help you get on your way to a tip-top, ready-for-spring wardrobe!

~The FashioniSTAs

How To Shop Your Own Closet – Volume III

3. Stay organized.

If your closet is a mess, it will be hard to find things and to create outfits. Keep all like items together. For example, all the shoes should be on shoe racks so that you can view them all at one, all the belts should be hung together and all the scarves should be folded together on a shelf or in a drawer, etc.

When hanging clothes, live by the same rules. I organize my closet just like we organize the racks at STA. My rack looks like this from left to right: tops and sweaters/sweatshirts (the few that are hung instead of folded), skirts/shorts, pants/jeans and finally, dresses. Within each category, I color-code from white to black. That way, I know where everything is and I can stand in front of the necessary section when I needed to add a top, bottom or accessory to an outfit in order to make a more informed decision.

Don’t forget to check back for the final installment! Volume IV is just around the corner…

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around

How to Shop Your Own Closet: Volume I

As a stylist, I am elbow-deep in clients’ closets on a regular basis. I help clients edit their wardrobes, educate them about the fits and cuts of clothes that work best for them and I build outfits that help the client utilize their attire and accessories to the fullest extent. Often, this closet analysis is followed by a shopping trip to help fill the gaps, but sometimes it is just enough to jumpstart the clients’ new fashion life. Since I know how successful this can be, I have put together a four-part blog with some tips for doing it yourself. Here’s the first installment:

1. Get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in 1 year.
If it’s gross, trash it. If it is a really basic or a really casual piece (i.e. extra t-shirts) but still in good condition, donate it. If it is a more valuable piece, consign it. For information on consigning at Second Time Around, please click here!

Addenudum: If there is an item of clothing or an accessory that you do not use, but which holds sentimental value, you may keep it. However, please remove it from your closet and store it elsewhere.
Staring at a closet full of clothing and accessories that you don’t use can cause confusion and can cause you to overlook items and outfits that you may actually want to wear. If the offending items are removed – or, at least, relocated – the confusion will be kept at a minimum and outfits will more easily appear.

Keep an eye out for the next edition….there are three more on the way!

~Marisa, Director of Styling, Second Time Around